Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project Skinny

Well I've made it though 3 weeks on the getting skinny highway!

You see I have a few pounds to loose...like a entire person! I'm doing the Atkins diet. I believe everyone has to find the diet that works for them. This is the one for me! I'm addicted to sugar, I'm serious...I used to live for sweets. I have not real desire for regular food. I would rather eat a piece of cake instead of a regular meal. I even have special ways to eat sweets. For example: take a Hostess Apple Pie. To get the most enjoyment from this goodie..you need to open the wrapper and spread it out...then you remove the entire ruffle crust around the pie and set it aside on the wrapper. Then you split the apple pie into two pieces. Lick out the apple filling and then eat each half....mmmm mmmm good. Then since you've saved the best for last you then eat the crust! OHHH my my...good stuff!

Now, you see why I need to make a change. Atkins works for me because I had to cut out all sugar and white flour...cold turkey. I also stopped drinking soda's....no caffeine for me.
Let me tell you the first 3-4 days was hell. I had the worst withdraws. One good thing about the withdraws it helps you not to every go back..you don't want to live through that.

I've lost 11 lbs. The best part is I feel GREAT!

Dance Wars

I've been watching Dance Wars : Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. I have enjoyed the dancing and singing. The thing that is bugging me is why do Bruno and Carrie Ann feel they have to always say something negative about the other team. It was funny the first show, Carrie Ann was really positive to the other team, then when Bruno slammed her team...the gloves were off! She gave it right back. It wasn't true what she said, you could totally tell she just wanted to get back at Bruno.

I think Bruno really has the better team! What about Zack...isn't he a cutie! I think he will go far in this show! One of the teams will have to send someone home...who will it be? I think Carrie Ann will have to send someone walking... Hang on, let me fast forward (I love DVR).

OHHH no, it's team Bruno..has to send someone home...Dang, that's not right! It must be because America likes Carrie Ann better. Why do they take sooooo long to doing the kicking off! I hate that part, oh wait I have DVR and can fast forward..Yippee!!

Charity is toast! I agree she was the weak link.."Goodbye".

Until next week!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Years Resolutions

OK, I know it's a little late for New Years resolutions. However, I'm really not late on making and/or starting my resolutions. It's more like I'm late starting my blog, which funny enough is one of my resolutions. LOL... So, never mind...I'm late on both accounts. Anyway, enough of that...here I go with my first blog entry....

I decided at the end of December that 2008 would be the year that's..."all about me"!!! It's about time if I do say so myself. It's was funny when I told my hubby of my plan, he looked at me and wanted to know if that meant I'm going to kick him to the curb! LOL...no, I said (not yet)! ;-)

What it does mean is, I'm going to take care of me! I'm setting limits on the amount of time I spend at work. You see, I was blessed with a promotion about three years ago. I've work for a school district going on 7 years. The first four was as the Payroll/HR Tech. Then I moved into the Business Manager's job. Wow...was it a huge change and lots of responsibilities. For the first few years I've worked over 60-70 hours a week.
Also, I need to loose weight, and I've started Atkins and have lost 11 lbs! YIPPEE!!
The best thing is, I feel GREAT!!! I've cut out all sugar, white flour and all soda!
I'm also going to start spending more time with my friends. Since I've started this new job, I've been working so much I don't have time for my friends~!

I'm also going to organize my home...stay tuned for before and after pictures of this adventure!

I've also went back to school, I really want to earn my B.A. in Business Administration.

Wow, I don't know about you but reading all my resolutions make me sleepy!

Well, thanks for reading the beginning of my new and improved life!